Ferrosom Forte5
Ferrosom forte supplement facts

Ferrosom Forte

Liposomal Iron



      Avoid Constipation

      Avoid Nausea

      Avoid Vomiting

      Avoid After Taste

      Avoid Upset Stomach

      Can be taken anytime with or without Food



Nutritional info


Ferrosom® is a nutritional supplement that contains liposomal iron, folic acid, vitamin c and vitamin B12 aimed in treating alimentary deficiency in iron.


Ferrosom® helps in Iron deficiency symptoms such as Fatigue, Peeling fingernails, Heart palpitation, Heavy periods, Pale skin, Hair loss, Poor concentration, and Poor endurance and in more advanced cases as cancers.


Ferrosom® is delivered to the cells of the body using the Liposomal Technology and thus aids in better outcome, faster results in a more efficient way


Ferrosom® is more effective in treating anemia than any other regular iron.


Ferrosom® contains No Gluten



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